How much is your health worth? |

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How much is your health worth?

Thursday, January 26, 2012 - 10:40

Have you ever asked yourself this question?

The saying that 'our health is our wealth' is one that many people take to heart, and in Ontario a movement is growing to support increased funding for health promotion.

Ontario is facing an urgent health care crisis. But the real tragedy is that it’s preventable. This March, the Ontario government will deliver its 2012 budget. Through this process we have an opportunity to influence and shape the future health of Ontario. The members of the Ontario Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance (OCPDA) want Ontarians to make their voices heard during Ontario budget consultations. “Better Health is Worth 0.5%” encourages Ontarians to tell their MPP, Premier and Finance Minister that our health is worth 0.5% of the budget. It’s time to invest now in order to make Ontario the healthiest province. Learn more at

The 0.5% campaign builds on the success of the Healthiest Province initiative, which was designed to engage candidates and voters in a conversation about making Ontario the healthiest province by supporting better health in Ontario. Ophea is happy to be working with its partners in the OCDPA to advocate for this increased funding by proposing that Better Health is Worth 0.5% of the Ontario budget.