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Ophea’s H&PE Curriculum Supports

Ophea is excited to support quality implementation of the Health and Physical Education (H&PE) Curriculum, elementary and secondary.

Ophea’s H&PE Curriculum Supports include practical, engaging and ready-to-use tools in both English and French. 

New H&PE Secondary Resources

Ophea's new H&PE Secondary Resources support teachers in helping students acquire the physical and health literacy skills needed to thrive in the 21st century and lead a healthy, active life.

The H&PE Secondary Resources include a variety of supplements, samples, writable templates, and materials to use with students to support teachers with the delivery of the H&PE curriculum.

The H&PE Secondary Resources are available to educators from school boards or organizations that have purchased access.
The comprehensive resources include 6 interconnected yet standalone components that provide adaptable content to address diverse contexts, and student needs/interests, and include:

Focus Course Planning Guide
Supports school-level planning to enable educators to advocate for, plan and develop quality Focus Courses, including the effective integration of healthy living expectations.

Movement Competence Posters
A set of posters to be used with students to help develop physical literacy skills related to the fundamental and transferable movement skills, concepts, and strategies.
The series includes five posters that support the Teaching Games for Understanding (TGfU) strategies, and 5 posters that support skill development strategies. The posters can be viewed online or downloaded to be posted in the gymnasium or provided to students to support them in understanding the success criteria and setting ‘I can’ goals to reach their full potential.

Teaching Games for Understanding (TGfU) Sample Unit Plans
Samples units that illustrate how educators may organize instruction to support students develop their physical literacy. The units focus on fundamental and transferable skills, concepts, principles, and strategies that can be applied across a variety of games within the same game category, and a variety of individual and recreation pursuits.
The sample units have been written using grade 9 curriculum expectations but can be modified to support grade 10-12 expectations by increasing or decreasing the level of challenges based on student needs.

Assessment and Evaluation Tools
A series of 12 electronic writable and printable teacher and student resources that include an Anecdotal Recording Chart, Rubrics, and Think-Pair-Share Graphic Organizer to support effective instruction and assessment For, As and Of learning.
The templates are purposely broad to allow them to be used with various topics and in different contexts within the H&PE curriculum.

Effective Planning for H&PE
This overarching content provides educators with a summary of essential information for planning and implementing effective H&PE instruction. This content includes practical examples such as a long-range planning calendar, and information on effective unit design.

Approaches to Teaching Healthy Living: A Guide for Secondary Educators
An online resource developed to support secondary educators in teaching the Healthy Living strand of the 2015 Health and Physical Education (H&PE) curriculum.
This comprehensive guide facilitates planning and instruction of the Healthy Living strand, assessment of student learning, and provides sample unit overviews and assessment strategies to guide teachers in planning their own units for Grade 9-12.

H&PE Curriculum Supports Grades 1-12

All About H&PE
All About H&PE provides elementary and secondary educators with the tools they need to strengthen their understanding and knowledge of the five Fundamental Principles that underpin the H&PE curriculum (Grades 1-12). Including free videos and posters, All About H&PE encourages reflection and conversation to help educators apply these principles in practice.
Get started with All About H&PE now!

Inquiry-Based-Learning in Health and Physical Education Resource
This free online guide supports elementary and secondary teachers in an inquiry-based learning approach to deliver the H&PE Curriculum, Grades 1-12. This guide provides an overview of the inquiry-based learning approach, including assessment and application as well as ready-to-go sample inquiry plans, and related implementation tools. Check out the resource today!

H&PE Curriculum Resources: Grades 1-8
Over 1,000 ready-to-use lesson plans, teacher/student resources, assessment tools and student templates have been updated to align with the 2015 H&PE curriculum.
School boards who have purchased access to this resource can login with their Ophea.net account to access H&PE (1-8) lesson plans!

Professional Learning Webinars

 To further support H&PE implementation, Ophea offers professional learning webinars on various key components and topics. Recordings of recent webinars on Human Development and Sexual Health and Inquiry-based Learning can be accessed here.

H&PE Elementary Curriculum Resources

Elementary Human Development and Sexual Health Lesson Plans
Developed in partnership with health partners and elementary school educators, the Human Development and Sexual Health lesson plans are ready-to-use tools and support materials that look to help strengthen the knowledge, understanding, and confidence of educators as they teach Human Development and Sexual Health within the Healthy Living Strand of the curriculum.
These lesson plans are a part of Ophea’s H&PE Curriculum Resources: Grades 1-8, which is available to all organizations (e.g., school boards, public health units) that have purchased access by logging into TeachingTools.ophea.net and using their personalized Ophea.net account.

Human Development and Sexual Health Implementation Support Guide
To further support the implementation of HD&SH Ophea has developed an Implementation Support Guide for school administrators, and public health professionals. This Guide includes, Key Concepts & Information, Frequently Asked Questions, Additional Supports, Curriculum Connections, and a Sample Lesson Plan with Annotation.
To access the Implementation Support Guide click here.