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Donate to Ophea so that Ontario’s kids can learn and grow in a healthy school.

A healthy school is a place where kids:

  • Feel that they belong
  • Have choices
  • Feel valued
  • Experience joy
  • Feel safe
  • Are ready to learn

Ophea helps build healthy schools where kids can learn and grow by helping teachers:

  • Deliver health and physical education classes where all kids feel welcome
  • Empower kids to be leaders
  • Promote a sense of community within the school
  • Create safe and positive learning experiences
  • Build connections to the wider school community
  • Teach kids the skills they need to make informed choices about their well-being

Your donation will help make Ontario schools healthy, happy, and safe places to be.

Thank you!

All donations received will be held in Ophea’s general fund to support our ongoing work in Healthy Active Living Education across Ontario. If you would like to receive additional information about our work or how you can help, please contact us.