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Ophea Staff

Leadership Team

Chris Markham
Executive Director and CEO 416-426-7126
Katie Glover
Director of Knowledge Mobilization 416-426-7408
Drew Maginn
Director of Operations 416-426-7122
Tammy Shubat 
Director of Partnerships and Public Affairs 416-426-7039


Sylvie Atwill
Manager of Programs (Bilingual) 416-426-7279
Sofia Bannister
Web Communications Projects Coordinator 416-426-7420
Celenna Ciuro
Projects Leader 416-426-7423
Elle Doherty
Projects Leader 416-426-7124
Jason Gayle
Manager of Finance 416-426-7389
Stéphane Giroux
Content Specialist 416-426-7125
Andrea Haefele
Curriculum Consultant 289-514-2600
Alexandra House
Projects Leader 416-426-7157
Leigh Hume
Operations Specialist 416-426-7052
Shayna Melady
Projects Leader 416-426-7154
Daniela Menniti
Bilingual Projects Coordinator 416-426-7085
Melissa Pichard-Holmes
Bilingual Projects Leader 416-426-7297
Vanessa Richichi
Manager of Partnerships and Business Development 416-426-7415
Sabrina Scarcello
Bilingual Projects Coordinator 416-426-7128

Financial Statements

For the year ended March 31, 2020

For the year ended March 31, 2019