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The Ophea Team

For Partnerships, Advocacy and Development Opportunities:
Email or contact 416-426-7126

For Media enquiries and/or to request Public Representation:
Email or contact 416-426-7020

For Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable enquiries:
Email or contact 416-426-7389

To file a complaint or a express concern:
Email or contact 416-426-7154

To report an issue related to our website:
Email or contact 416-426-7020

To register for a Conference or a workshop, follow one of the links below:
Ophea Conference
Ophea workshops (including Safety Guidelines workshops) Email

To obtain general Ophea Products and Service Information:
Email or call 416-426-7374

To order resources:

For inquiries regarding recently purchased resources:
Email  or contact 416-426-7374

To subscribe to Ophea's H&PE Elementary or Secondary Resources:
Email or contact 416-426-7415

For questions related to the Ontario Physical Education Safety Guidelines:

If you are experiencing technical difficulties that prevent you from accessing Ophea’s H&PE Elementary or Secondary Resources:

Have a general enquiry? Please click here to get in touch with us.

Management Team

Chris Markham
Executive Director and C.E.O. 416-426-7126
Lori Collinge
Executive Assistant 416-426-7154
Gwen Slauenwhite
Chief Operating Officer 416-426-7083
Drew Maginn
Director of Business Development 416-426-7122
Katie Glover
Director of Knowledge Mobilization 416-426-7408
Tammy Shubat 
Director of Programs 416-426-7039


Sandra Albione
Projects Leader 416-426-7296
Ariane Bakhtiar
Bilingual Projects Coordinator 416-426-7295
Kristin Berfelz
Projects Leader 416-426-7265
Sarah Christie
Bilingual Projects Leader 416-426-7219
Stephanie Cook - On Leave
Projects Coordinator 416-426-7425
Jason Gayle
Finance Manager 416-426-7389
Stéphane Giroux
Bilingual Projects Coordinator 416-426-7125
Leigh Hume
Systems Support Specialist 416-426-7052
Ruth Kates
Marketing & Communications Leader 416-426-7020
Fay Knights
Marketing & Communications Coordinator 416-426-7034
Sofia Miller
Web Communications Projects Coordinator 416-426-7420
Sara Mison - On Parental Leave
Advocacy & Government Relations Leader 416-426-7013
Jennifer Muir
Bilingual Projects Coordinator 416-426-7085
Catherine Nabina
Bilingual Projects Coordinator 416-426-7375
Melissa Pichard-Holmes - On Parental Leave
Bilingual Projects Coordinator 416-426-7295
Sylvie Prévost
Manager of Program Development (Bilingual) 416-426-7279
Vanessa Richichi
Business Development Leader 416-426-7415
Muriel Rounthwaite
Projects Leader 416-426-7157
Greg Sam
Projects Leader 416-426-7291
Natalie Scheel
Administrative Coordinator 416-426-7374
Anca Stanciu
Finance Coordinator 416-426-7026
Mauricio Suchowlansky
Bilingual Coordinator 416-426-7128