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Our Impact

Our impact 2016-18

  • Launched 7 advocacy campaigns:
    • Health and Physical Education
    • physical activity
    • student/staff well-being
    • concussion management
    • comprehensive school health
    • cannabis education
    • mental health
  • Delivered 117 workshops, 8 conferences and 24 webinars/e-learning modules (serving 6,500+ clients)
  • Trained 514 students as intramural leaders
  • Certified 519 schools as gold, silver or bronze Healthy Schools
  • Supported 729 school walk/run clubs
  • Hosted 5,250+ consultation support sessions (phone, email, in-person)
  • Provided 67,000+ healthy, active living education support tools (downloaded or mailed)

Our impact since 2002

  • Trained over 25,000 teachers to be effective and confident educators and leaders
  • Developed and maintained over 1,000 lesson plans and 20+ quality healthy, active living resources and teaching tools
  • Established and built vital relationships within all school boards, health units, and faculties of education to ensure customized support
  • Launched evidence-informed coaching models to 16 Ontario school boards 
  • Provided a trusted voice in relevant and informed communication to over 35,000 of Ontario’s educators and leaders

Our impact since 1921

  • Healthier, safer and happier school communities across Ontario