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3 Tips to Healthier Eating This Summer

Monday, July 31, 2017 - 10:36

We love that summer means we get to enjoy some of our favourite outdoor food-related activities like visiting farmers markets and entertaining outdoors. But with the ‘regular’ routine of the school/work year not in place, eating healthy may be harder to maintain.  With a bit of planning though you can discover new and exciting healthy ways to eat all summer long.  

Below are 3 summer food-related activities to help you and your family make healthier eating choices.

Go local

Going to local farmers markets is a great way to get fresh fruits and vegetables and other healthy treats in the summer. The Ontario Farm Fresh guide provides a list of local farmers markets, their locations and summer schedules. Make it a fun day trip for the family and pick a different market each week to visit. Allow your kids to be part of the decision making process by letting them choose fresh fruits and vegetables for their snacks during the summer break. Some farms will even let you pick your own fruits!

Make meals together

Summer break a perfect opportunity to find creative ways to teach your kids about food. Whether it’s having them take part in meal planning or the cooking process, letting them actively participate in the meal choices teaches them the importance of food while giving them the satisfaction of knowing that they helped. Asking kids to choose their own healthy snacks and having them help prepare them for the week can also ensure they have regular access to healthy snacks over the break.

Healthy outdoor eating

Summer signals outdoor entertaining activities with friends and loved ones like BBQs or sitting around the campfire. Feel good about your meals by choosing healthier alternatives or having more health conscious options to compliment the traditional selection of grilled meats and roasted marshmallows. Many of our favourite healthy eating websites like EatRight Ontario share recipes perfect for entertaining outdoors.

It’s easy to eat healthy during the summer. Along with keeping mentally and physically active, small changes to your activities and food choices can make a difference. 

Do you have healthy summer eating tips you’d like to share? Connect with us on Twitter to share tips that have helped keep your meals healthy this summer!