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3 Ways to End the School Year on an Active Note

Friday, June 22, 2018 - 14:13

The end of a school year is always exciting as the weather starts to get warmer, the school work winds down, and summer plans start to fill the air. This is a time to celebrate and reflect on all the accomplishments achieved over the year and celebrate with your students! Here are three ways for you and your students to celebrate the year and end it on a healthy, active note:

1. Incorporate healthy treats

Reward your school team’s activities with healthy treats. Healthy treats are tasty, support good nutrition and encourage healthy eating habits.
Eating healthy treats/snacks as part of a school or class celebration can be fun! Incorporate creativity and learning by getting students to include various flavourful and colourful ingredients. For example, a Greek yogurt and fruit salad cup is simple, healthy and easy to make as a group.
All you need is unsweetened plain Greek yogurt, assorted cleaned and chopped fresh fruits, and optional toppings (i.e. granola bits, coconut flakes, etc).

Directions: arrange a table with medium sized cups, containers of yogurt, assorted fruits and other desired toppings. Guide students around the table, instructing them to add desired ingredients in their cups. Encourage students to add all of their favorite ingredients, starting with the yogurt at the bottom. Enjoy right away or store in the fridge for snack time!

2. Make time for outdoor play time

As the weather starts to get warmer, take time to go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather and fresh air. Looking for fun ways to incorporate outdoor play? Enjoy outdoor play time with the use of Ophea’s One a Day for Active Play resource. This new hardcopy resource includes 200 games and activities for everyone to play. So get your sun safety gear on and get ready for some active fun.

Here are some additional ways to enjoy the warm weather with your students:

  • Take a class trip to the park
  • Have a picnic in the school field/courtyard
  • Organize a few light equipment games like jump rope, Frisbee or hoola hoops 

3. Reflect

Reflect on all the memories and moments this school year brought with your students. Do quick activities in which students go around the room or individually and share on:

  • One thing they are proud to have accomplished this year 
  • One thing they look forward to for the next school year 
  • One favorite memory from this school year 
  • One thing they are going to miss about this class 
  • One exciting thing they are going to do over summer vacation 

Sharing and reflecting is a great way to inspire student growth and support well being. Students should be assured and made to feel emotionally safe and included. Furthermore, all students can be provided with the option as to how they may want to reflect and/or interact in the activity. For example, in a group, with a partner, or on their own on paper.

Now it’s time to help your students have a memorable active end to the year by treating them to a healthy treat, planning some outdoor fun and reflecting on all the memories over the year.

Don’t forget to visit Teachingtools.ophea.net for more resources, and share how your class is ending off the year on an active note by using #DPAeveryday on Twitter.