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3 Ways to Learn More about Inquiry-Based Learning

Thursday, May 18, 2017 - 14:31
female secondary student throwing ball in gymnasium

Inquiry–based learning is a student-centered learning approach supporting students in developing critical and creative thinking, and personal and interpersonal living skills in health and physical education. Over the course of the school year, Ophea has developed various supports for elementary and secondary educators to explore the use of inquiry–based learning in H&PE. This blog highlights three of these supports.

1 - Articles

In the following two in-depth articles, Ophea breaks down the stages of the inquiry-based learning approach, including H&PE educator examples to demonstrate how the learning approach functions within varying student age groups and settings.

  • Article 1 - How Inquiry Supports Student Learning in H&PE (Stage 1 of IBL). By involving students in formulating questions on topics that interest them, students seek answers, build new understandings and develop solutions that directly relate to their health and well-being. Read full article.
  • Article 2 - Supporting Student Learning (Stages 2 & 3 of IBL). By discussing the last two stages of this learning approach “Facilitating” and “Making Sense of Inquiry”, this article looks at how, with support from educators, the skills students gain through these stages can help lead to a lifetime of healthy, active living. Read full article.

2 – Online Resource

Ophea’s free online Inquiry-Based Learning in Health and Physical Education resource guide supports elementary and secondary teachers in using inquiry-based learning to implement the Health and Physical Education Curriculum, Grades 1-12. Providing an overview of this learning approach, with strategies for assessment and application, the guide includes ready-to-use sample plans and related implementation tools.

NEW to this resource: learning videos featuring teachers and students in-action applying IBL within H&PE, demonstrating practical examples, and speaking to effective real-life classroom implementation.  

Visit Ophea’s Teaching Tools website to access the resource!

3 – Facebook Live Recordings

This year, Ophea went live on Facebook from a secondary school demonstrating, in action, how inquiry-based learning supports students in developing critical and creative thinking skills.

The English recording features educators Joanne Walsh with Marie Guest on location observing how students formulate questions and understanding of topics from the Healthy Living Strand.

The first and second French recordings feature educator Matt Stewart teaching students about the Personal Fitness Unit, and how inquiry can be used to explore various components of fitness and movement; helping students to also self-assess.

We hope you find the supports and information shared in this blog supportive in helping you implement and inquiry-based learning approach with your students. We’d love to hear from you, share your thoughts on how you use the IBL approach with your students with us on social media (Twitter, Facebook).