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4 Ways to get active this Family (FUN) Day!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018 - 16:11
mother running in the snow with two adolescent children.

Cold weather doesn’t mean you need to keep the family fun indoors. With the appropriate clothing and a sense of fun and adventure you and your family can have a season of excitement. Need a little inspiration? Here are four ways to move more this winter and over the Family Day weekend.

Hit The Ice

Whether you’re a family of seasoned skaters or just getting started, many municipalities offer free skating events over the winter and Family Day weekend. Dress for the environment, particularly if it’s an outdoor rink, and bring healthy snacks and water for a mid-skate break.

Take A Hike

Put on your winter woollies, pack a couple healthy snacks, and head out to explore a locally marked public trail or walk way. There is no need to search too far in Ontario with the Bruce Trail spanning 890km from Niagara to Tobermory. Be sure to stick on the path following the well-marked trail blazes, and take extra care where the trail is rocky, icy, or where it passes by caves, cliff edges, or crevices. For more information on the Bruce Trail, check out the Bruce Trail Conservancy website.

And don’t forget to keep an eye out for local wildlife and record what you find! Maybe it’s a neighbour’s dog, a squirrel that’s searching for hidden acorns, or a bird that hasn’t migrated. Search the animal online when you get home to identify the species and learn more about the local ecosystem.

Overcome This Obstacle

Keep the fun local to a park nearby, or your own back yard, and create a fun winter obstacle course! With 5 or 6 small stations, have fun with the family by racing through the course as quickly as possible. Or, for those with a taste for competition, bring along a timer and race using different teams (i.e. kids versus adults). In the end, be sure to keep it fun and safe for all. Obstacle course ideas can include:

  • Create 5 snow balls and accurately hit a nearby target (tree or X marked in snow).
  • Run to a tree in the distance, then run around it three times.
  • Slide down a hill and climb back up returning to the top as quickly as possible.
  • Make 4 snow angels in different areas of snow.
  • Pull a sibling or parent on a toboggan to cross the finish line!

Evening Flashlight Walk

With early sunsets and nights lasting longer, the winter months are a perfect time to explore your neighbourhood under the moonlight. Head out for an after dinner family flashlight walk. Provide each family member with a working flashlight and venture through a local park, along your street, or even exploring your own back yard. Use your flashlights to explore and keep safe. Be sure to stick to a familiar route and one you’ve travelled on during the day.

There are so many fun and active ways to enjoy the winter season. We hope the four activities shared in this blog inspire you to bundle up and get the family outdoors this Family Day weekend! Do you have fun winter activities you like to engage in with the family throughout the winter months? Share them with us on Twitter tagging us @OpheaCanada.

This article has been adapted from a PARC blog.