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January Feature Healthy School: Silver Springs Public School

Thursday, January 24, 2019 - 09:32
Student team working on analyzing data and generating ideas and Intramural celebration & recognition

We are excited to have 357 registered Healthy Schools, representing 55 school boards across the province for Ophea’s Healthy Schools Certification 2018/19 school year! You can find out if schools from your board have registered by viewing the Registered Schools List.

Every month until June, we’ll be sharing the experiences of select registered Healthy Schools who have been active on Twitter using #HSCertES; bringing you their success stories, challenges, and ideas to support you in making your school a healthier school. Silver Springs PS is our January Feature Healthy School. We caught up with H&PE teacher Demetrios (Jim) Christakis to learn about their experiences with Healthy Schools Certification. Check out our Q&A!

1. Who is on your school’s Healthy Schools team? What do these different members bring to the team?
At Silver Springs Public School, our Healthy Schools team is comprised of 15 Peer Leaders from grades 7-8, our public health nurse Angela Anderson, Mr. Gillis and Ms. Inparajah (principal and vice-principal), and myself. We will be working with community partners on some of our planned events in the future. Each member brings experience, enthusiasm, and creative ideas to our Healthy Schools team which meets every Wednesday at lunch.

2. What is your Healthy Schools priority health topic? What lead you to choose this topic?
Our Healthy Schools priority health topic is physical activity, focusing on how it ties into overall wellness. Our peer leaders analyzed data from a 2017 Silver Springs school climate survey and discovered the following: that there was a large percentage (over 60%) of our students who worry about their health, 20% of students “barely” exercise or take part in a sport that causes them to sweat, 55% of the students were losing confidence in themselves, and 52% of students are having difficulty concentrating on what they are doing. The data that was collected and analyzed led us to choose our topic of physical activity and how this can support wellness.

3. How does your school team encourage students and staff to make healthy choices? Share an example.
Our school team encourages students and staff to make healthy choices by offering a healthy nutritious snack everyday (which is part of our snack program). We are also working to raise money to purchase a hydration station outside the gym on the first floor of our school. We also offer many intramural activities and clubs that students can join and support them to be active.

4. Tell us about a success, no matter how big or small, that your Healthy Schools team has had this year. Who was involved? What changed in your school?
Our Healthy Schools team has had a few successes already this year. In the month of October, we hosted our 1st ever Primary Cross-Country 1KM Fun Run for all students in grades 1-3. Students participated in practice sessions during recess times, and then had a “celebration” 1KM run. It was a great afternoon and over 100 students participated in the event. Moreover, in the months of November and December we offered Bump Basketball Intramurals and had 103 students from grades 5-8 participate.

5. Does your Healthy Schools team have any upcoming events or activities that they’re excited about?
We have many fun activities planned. We are about to start the SSBA (Silver Springs Basketball Association) for grades 6-8, and will also be kicking off a WSSBA (Women’s Silver Springs Basketball Association) in March. During the months of February and March, our primary and junior division will be treated with spending recess in the large gym playing bowling pin dodgeball. In addition to this, we are planning a Play Day, and many other fun fitness and wellness activities.

Our Healthy Schools Team is extremely excited to be a part of this great initiative!

Demetrios (Jim) Christakis
Silver Springs PS
Grade 7/HPE Teacher

Looking to make your school a healthier place? Check out the HS Certification Guidebook. To see what healthy schools are up to follow #HSCertES on Twitter!