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New Food Literacy and Healthy Eating Partnership with The Helderleigh Foundation!

Monday, August 19, 2019 - 08:35

Ophea is pleased to announce our 3-year partnership with The Helderleigh Foundation to increase awareness and understanding of food literacy and healthy eating in Ontario schools. The Helderleigh Foundation is Canada’s leading foundation exclusively dedicated to enhancing food literacy; envisioning a society of better informed young children and their families, consuming healthier foods, and beverages.

Through this partnership, Ophea will be providing Ontario schools the following this school year:

  • New healthy eating lesson plans in Fall 2019 that align with Ontario’s elementary Health and Physical Education (H&PE) curriculum as well as the new Canada Food Guide.
  • Enhancements and incentives to schools participating in Ophea’s Healthy Schools Certification which select healthy eating as their priority health topic. Thanks to The Helderleigh Foundation, schools will have access to additional supports to execute their action plans and have the opportunity to apply for funds to support their local projects (e.g., building a school community garden, accessing a local community chef to support in-class workshops, resources to develop and disseminate a school community cookbook).

"The team at Ophea totally understand our Mission and are best equipped to communicate healthy eating messages to all elementary schools in Ontario. This partnership provides a gateway for educators, students, their families, and supporting school communities to utilize the latest evidenced based food and media literacy knowledge in the country." - Susan and Llewellyn Smith, The Helderleigh Foundation

"We are excited to share and build the understanding of food literacy education in Ontario school communities. Through this important collaboration, The Helderleigh Foundation will support not only access to timely, relevant, and trusted information and tools but also the strategies to implement them; changing attitudes and positively impacting more than 1.5 million students in Ontario’s publicly funded elementary schools."  - Chris Markham, Ophea

In the upcoming years, additional resources connected to food and media literacy will be integrated into curriculum supports, as well as take-home resources for food literacy for students and families.

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