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#OpheaChat Supporting Students’ Positive Mental Health

Vendredi, Février 24, 2017 - 11:25

Ophea’s February 22nd Twitter Chat on How H&PE Supports Students’ Mental Health was a great success!

Thank you to all #OpheaChat participants, and to our moderator Heather Gardner (@CatchingHeather). Many great discussions took pace and a lot of ideas and implementation tips were shared throughout the chat.

Here are a few chat highlights:

Q1. How can you create safe, inclusive, and supportive H&PE spaces for all students to have positive experiences?

  • Understand-Promote-Partner to build a foundation for positive mental health  – @smhassist 
  • An inclusive gymnasium/health room accommodates individual strengths, needs, and interests. Teachers need to get to know their students. – @CatchingHeather 

Q2. How do you help your students build community and develop healthy relationships?   

  • Get members of the community involved. Parents, public health, local businesses. Invite various community groups in to share. – @PLontheMove 
  • So important to create NEW spaces that allow students to practice learning together, H&PE is perfect for that! Buddy system – @andreahaefele 

Q3. How can you adapt activities to ensure that all students feel included?

  • Know your students. First and foremost – @monz_4 
  • Get to know your learner. Build and strengthen a relationship with them – @kenleang 

Q4. How does movement competence support your students’ mental health?  

  • Feeling great in how your body moves and interacts with the world leads to a positive self image. Confidence is very important – @APQenclasse 
  • Mental health involves a healthy balance of all aspects of life – physical, intellectual, social, emotional, & spiritual. – @CatchingHeather 

Q5. How can you integrate positive mental health in movement competence activities?  

  • Mindful movement helps. Get students to pay attention to what movements motivate and what calms – @paula_success 
  • Students need to be part of games & give ownership of learning vs told what to do. This is where critical thinking helps – @andreahaefele 


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