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#OpheaPLAY Ophea’s 31-Day Photo Challenge

Wednesday, April 30, 2014 - 06:57
#OpheaPLAY photo challenge word list

Ophea loves how engaged our audiences are in the social media community. We’re connecting to share instructional strategies, best practices, and ways to create a healthy community. We thought it would be fun to celebrate all the great things everyone is doing at work and play to be healthy and active. So we are rolling out our photo-a-day challenge - Ophea’s Photos Leading to Active Youth (#OpheaPLAY).

Read on for all the details and how you can participate in the upcoming month!

What is #OpheaPLAY?

The challenge uses Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. For 31 days starting May 1st, take one photo a day using our list of words as your inspiration (example: on May1st you’ll snap a pic of what ‘enjoyment’ means to you). Don’t forget to hashtag it with #OpheaPLAY so that everyone can see your beautiful images! Each week we’ll be scouring our feeds to find our favourite photos and share them on the Ophea blog (http://www.ophea.net/blogs) as well as through Twitter and Facebook.

Not currently connected with Ophea?

No worries! Find us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram @opheacanada and post away! Don’t forget to use the #OpheaPLAY hashtag on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


31-day Photo Challenge Word List

1. Enjoyment

2. Physical Activity

3. Equipment

4. Sports

5. Territory

6. Motion

7. Manipulation

8. Play

9. Target

10. Mental Health

11. Fun

12. Spirit

13. Stability

14. Communication

15. Relationships

16. Personal Safety

17. Jump

18. Dance

19. Bounce

20. Gravity

21. Physical Fitness

22. Locomotion

23. Critical Thinking

24. Internet Safety


26. Healthy Choices

27. Run

28. Relaxation

29. Healthy Eating

30. Striking/Fielding

31. Healthy School/Workplace