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Supporting student success with TGfU!

Saturday, September 1, 2018 - 09:43
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Teaching Games for Understanding (TGfU) focuses on helping students build a range of fundamental movement skills and game strategies while catering to their diverse needs and interests.The approach divides games into four categories that use common skills and tactics—invasion/territory games, striking/fielding games, target games, and net/wall games. Through various types of games and activities, educators teach the fundamental skills and game strategies used in each category of games.

The Health and Physical Education (H&PE) curriculum promotes using TGfU to support students in developing physical literacy—the ability to move with competence and confidence in a wide range of physical activities. At both the elementary and secondary level, TGfU involves a carefully structured and planned approach to support students in remaining active and engaged throughout class time and their life time.This translates into students who not only have stronger fundamental movement skills, but who also feel more comfortable participating in different sports and activities—not only in school, but at home and out in the community. Moreover, TGfU promotes a love of games and being physically active — and this blog shares how!

1. Student Choice
TGfU uses the idea of Student Choice to provide the best possible chance for the greatest number of students to succeed. TGfU does this by:

  • Providing students with options (within a structured context)
  • Tailoring lessons/activities around the needs, abilities, skills, and interests of students
  • Setting up activities and/or stations that cater to various skill levels
  • Offering choice and flexibility in how students practice and demonstrate a skill
  • Providing various equipment pieces and choices
  • Allowing for students to choose the activities that they most enjoy
  • Providing students the choice of which activities they feel most comfortable and competent doing during assessment time

Looking for a great resource to help provide students with choice? Check out our PlaySport resource that incorporates different activities at various skill levels for junior, intermediate and senior students.

2. Optimal Challenge
TGfU creates an optimal challenge for students by:

  • Taking age-related skill development into account 
  • Accommodating the needs and learning styles of individual students whenever possible
  • Allowing students to develop critical thinking skills, along with the skills needed to play a variety of games
  • Developing students who are not only more competent and confident, but also more independent
  • Engaging students and encouraging an enjoyment of physical activity

3. Different Equipment
TGfU supports using a variety of different and fun equipment pieces to develop skills and strategies which are transferrable between games. Here’s a list of some sports equipment that can make it fun and easy to mix things up:

  • Rubber chicken
  • Yackle balls
  • Veggie or animal shaped bean bags
  • Frisbee
  • Hand trampolines

Let us know how you’ve put TGfU ideas into practice!  Share with us on Twitter @OpheaCanada.