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Turn Sunday into Funday with Ophea’s One A Day for Active Play!

Tuesday, August 7, 2018 - 08:26

Ah Sunday... the last day of the weekend but the start of a new week. This Sunday don’t spend your day indoors, get the family out for a Funday! It’s essential to incorporate daily physical activity into your summer, Ophea’s One a Day for Active Play portable resource makes it easy to get moving with people of all ages and abilities in outdoor settings. Including 200 activity cards from various active categories, your Funday can take place in a backyard, local park, school yard, vacation spot, or local BBQ! And don’t forget the fresh snacks and cold water! It’s important to stay fuelled and hydrated, especially while playing in the sun!

To help get you inspired, check out these three sample activities from One a Day for Active Play. We’ve made the three samples cards available to download to help you get moving this Sunday Funday!

Sample 1 - Capture the Cone
Time to pick teams and head outdoors with some pylons and hula hoops! Place the pylon a distance away from participants, sort of as a finish line. Each participant/team will take turns throwing the hula hoop aiming to get it around the pylon. But try not to miss because if it does not loop around the pylon, the other team can retrieve it! If the team is able to capture the cone they score a point!

Sample 2 - Hoop it Up!
Get into teams, grab a ball some hula hoops and get ready for some competitive play! The objective of this game is to collect the most amounts of hoops. A team collects hoops by scoring on anther teams hoop colour. A score is when an opposing team member bounces their ball into the other teams’ hula hoop!

Sample 3 - Fruit Platter Balance
Grab a ball or bean bag and make 2 teams because it is time for a fun game of tag! This is not just any typical game of tag. In this game, participants need to balance an object while trying to not be tagged. If the participant does get tagged, the participant and the tagger must do five on the spot moves!

Download the sample cards!

These are just a few activities to make any Sunday a Funday with friends, family and neighbours. One a Day for Active Play does not only encourage physical activity but also quality bonding time and an opportunity to de-stress.

How are you turning this Sunday into a Funday? Share with us by tagging @OpheaCanada on Twitter or Facebook.