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6 Step Healthy Schools Certification Process

Diagram of 6-step process as described on page

Ophea’s Healthy Schools Certification (HS Certification) is based on a 6-step process that supports school communities to take a planned and comprehensive approach to address a priority health topic over the course of a school year.

Step 1 – Establish Your School Team

Step 1 involves bringing together members of your school community to form your school team and educating the members of your team about the healthy schools approach and process steps. This school team includes a Healthy Schools Lead (a staff member from the school who agrees to oversee the team) and could also include students, other school staff members, principal/vice principal, parents/guardians, and community partners (including public health).

Step 2 – Assess Your School Community Needs and Assets

Step 2 involves working with your school team to better understand the needs and assets of your school to help inform what health topic should be your focus for this school year.

School needs are determined by collecting/locating data (e.g., from surveys, focus groups, interviews) from different members of your school and community to understand what health topic is their biggest priority. You will earn additional points for collecting data directly from individuals in your school and community.

Once you have identified your needs, you will work with your school team to identify the top assets (e.g., people, programs, places) that your school currently has in place to support addressing your needs.

Step 3 – Identify Your Priority Health Topic

Step 3 involves working with your school team to select a priority health topic to focus your activities on during the rest of the school year. You will use the information from Step 2 to support selecting your health topic (recognizing that activities might connect to other health topics as well).

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Step 4 – Develop An Action Plan

Step 4 involves working with your school team to develop an action plan with an activity (or activities) to address your priority health topic.

Step 5 – Take Action and Monitor Progress

Step 5 involves your school team implementing and monitoring the activities from your action plan. Your school team will update your action plan as the year progresses to document what took place during this school year.

Step 6 – Celebrate and Reflect

Step 6 involves celebrating your school team and reflecting on your healthy schools experience including what you’ve learned and what impact you’ve had on your school (this year and in future years).