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Step 1: Assemble Your Team

As you review this information, please consider school and public health policies and protocols relating to COVID-19. This includes any safety (e.g., physical distancing, personal protective equipment, use of physical activity equipment) and confidentiality (e.g., student privacy when meeting remotely by video) measures that your school and/or school board have put in place.

While implementing Step 1 of the Healthy Schools Process, consider the following suggestions with regards to COVID-19:

Assemble Your Team

  • Team Size: Consider starting with a smaller team if you’re concerned about logistics for scheduling/holding meetings (or even physical distancing during team meetings). You can always add more team members over the course of the school year.
  • Team Member Recruitment: As you recruit different members for your team (whether they be students or adults), consider alternate options for how they can contribute. If they cannot physically attend meetings (due to a student learning remotely or a community partner working from home), provide opportunities for them to give feedback and to remain connected to the team via online collaboration tools, such as Google Drive.
  • Virtual/Remote Team Members: For students learning remotely, explore ways for them to virtually participate in meetings (and potentially include members of their family as additional team members).
  • Classroom/Cohort Teams: Consider having students from a specific class form your school team. Meetings will be easier to schedule and some of the work could be part of a class assignment or project, such as organizing activities for your plan.

Team Meetings

  • Planning Meetings: When you initially form your team, discuss how you will meet. Have a plan in place if your situation changes, such as moving from in-school learning to remote learning at some point during the school year.
  • Meeting Location: Consider meeting outdoors or in more open spaces where possible. Try having walking meetings in your community.
  • Virtual Meetings: Facilitate virtual meetings with your team using chat rooms, teleconferencing, video conferencing, or any other collaboration tools based on the technology your school is using.

Team Professional Development

  • Online/Self-Directed Learning on Healthy Schools: If you cannot bring your team together to teach them about the Healthy Schools Approach and process steps, provide them with links to online learning materials that they can view on their own, such as Ophea’s Healthy Schools Certification Videos.