Step 2: Identify Your School Community Priorities, Assets, and Health Topic(s) |

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Step 2: Identify Your School Community Priorities, Assets, and Health Topic(s)

As you review this information, please consider school and public health policies and protocols relating to COVID-19. This includes any safety (e.g., physical distancing, personal protective equipment, use of physical activity equipment) and confidentiality (e.g., student privacy when meeting remotely by video) measures that your school and/or school board have put in place.

While implementing Step 2 of the Healthy Schools Process, consider the following suggestions with regards to COVID-19:

Identify Your School Community Priorities

  • Virtual Focus Group(s): Virtual focus group(s) can be planned to assess school priorities across a variety of different audiences (e.g., students, parents/family members, community partners).
  • Online Surveys: Use free tools, such as Google Forms, to create a simple survey to disseminate to different audiences.
  • Game-Based Tools: Use fun, game-based approaches, such as Kahoot!, to collect information. For younger students, consider an informal “hands up” survey (in-person or online).
  • Social Media Polls: Use simple social media polls to gather feedback. Try creating a unique school hashtag to engage with school and community members throughout the year.
  • Review Existing (Prior) Data Sources: Determine if your school already has existing data, such as past school surveys, that you can access and review to determine your priorities.

Identify Your Assets

  • School Context: Consider your specific school context when identifying your assets and which assets might be helpful in relation to your current circumstance (this might be different than other school years). For example, if your school has shared online platforms, you could use them to engage students and others in different activities so everyone in the school can participate (e.g., share resources on Google Classroom, run challenges through social media).
  • School Clubs/Groups: Consider different school clubs/groups that could continue online (or through a combination of in-person and online). Try working together to implement activities from your plan to share the work.
  • Community Partners: Think about community partners and how they may be able to support your work. Do they have any assets they can provide to your school?

Identify Your Health Topic(s)

  • Health Topic(s) Selection: It will be important to select (up to three) health topics based on the priorities and assets you identified. If planning and implementing activities for certain health topics is more challenging at your school (based on any limitations due to COVID-19), you will need to consider that as part of your selection process.
  • Also, remember that health topics are interrelated: you can plan and implement activities connected to multiple health topics (e.g., planning physical activities, such as in-person/online yoga classes, to support mental health and physical activity).