Step 4: Celebrate and Reflect |

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Step 4: Celebrate and Reflect

As you review this information, please consider school and public health policies and protocols relating to COVID-19. This includes any safety (e.g., physical distancing, personal protective equipment, use of physical activity equipment) and confidentiality (e.g., student privacy when meeting remotely by video) that your school and/or school board have put in place.

While implementing Step 4 of the Healthy Schools Process, consider the following suggestions with regards to COVID-19:

Team Celebration and Appreciation

  • Virtual Celebrations: If you’re unable to bring your team together in-person, try virtual celebrations through social media or other platforms, such as Zoom. You may also want to consider profiling your team on your school’s website, in your school newsletter, and/or through local media (e.g., newspapers, radio).
  • Community Recognition: Many schools recognized graduating students during the 2020/21 school year by posting signs on the school’s front lawn and/or around the community. Consider doing the same for your school team members to appreciate the impact they’ve had on the school and their community.

Team Reflection

  • Team Meetings: Keep your approach to meetings flexible. Depending on your school’s situation, it may be easier to meet virtually to reflect on the year with your team than in-person. If meetings are not possible, reflections from individual team members could be added to a central online location, such as Google Drive, or sent to the Healthy Schools Lead to document (potentially through a simple team survey).