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Mental Health

Mental Health is one of the six health topics a school community may identify as their priority health topic for Ophea’s Healthy Schools Certification.

Based on the Ministry of Education's Foundations for a Healthy School (2014) this topic includes strategies and activities related to:

  • education and career/life planning to reduce transition anxiety
  • living skills (e.g., self-awareness; adaptive, management and coping skills)
  • mental health problems (e.g., mood disorders, self-harm, anxiety, attention, eating problems)
  • mental health promotion (e.g., development of coping skills and resiliency, stigma reduction, social-emotional learning)
  • mental illness within the family
  • resiliency
  • stigma and stereotypes
  • suicide prevention and intervention

Mental Illness in Ontario Infographic: mental illness is one of the five behavioural risk factors for chronic disease identified by the Ontario Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance (OCDPA).

Ontario Student Drug Use and Health Survey: A total of 11,435 students in grades 7 through 12 from 52 school boards, 214 schools, and 764 classes participated in the 2017 OSDUHS, which was administered by the Institute for Social Research, York University. This report describes the past year use of alcohol, tobacco, illicit drugs, nonmedical (NM) use of prescription drugs, and other substances of concern, and changes since 1977. Also examined are harms related to drug use, perceptions and attitudes, and exposure to drugs. All data are based on self-reports derived from anonymous questionnaires administered in classrooms between November 2016 and June 2017.

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For sample strategies and activities relating to Mental Health, see pages 25-27 of the Foundations for a Healthy School resource.

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