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After-School, Sport and Recreation Settings Asthma Kit

Image of the Asthma resources included in the kit

This Kit has been developed for after-school and weekend programs, including arts, clubs and recreational and competitive sports programs, so that they can actively support children and youth with asthma in their programs. 

Creating asthma friendly settings allows children and youth to be full participants in sports, physical activity, playing, recreation, learning, growing and developing.  It also demonstrates a program’s commitment to the safety, well-being and achievement of children and youth, as well as its commitment to assisting them in reaching their full potential. 

The Kit includes the following supports:

  • Overview Letter on how to use the kit resources
  • Asthma Management Plan form
  • Managing Asthma Attacks poster
  • Creating Asthma Friendly Environments for Children & Youth manual
  • Asthma and Physical Activity: What Physical Educators and Coaches Need to Know brochure

Please Note:

  • This free resource is available in English and French.
  • This resource is available as a free download.
    To receive the link, please select downloadable from the Product Details menu and add the resource to your order, then check out. You will be provided a link to this resource.
Topic: Asthma
Product Type: Kit