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All About H&PE Poster #3: Physical and Emotional Safety

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The Physical and Emotional Safety poster provides a visual representation of the third of the fundamental principles that underpin the 2015 Health and Physical Education curriculum. 

The poster is designed to encourage reflection and strengthen your knowledge about the curriculum as you bring the principle of Physical and Emotional Safety alive in practice. It also offers a quick and easy way to bring the curriculum to life as you provide students with a physically and emotionally safe learning environment that recognises and respects the diversity of all children and youth.

Please Note:

  • This poster is available in English and French.
  • This resource is available as a free download. To receive the link, please select downloadable from the Product Details menu and add this resource to your order, then check out. You will be provided a link to this resource.
Product Type: Poster
Program Name: All About H&PE