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Creating Asthma Friendly Schools Community Awareness Kit

Image of the Asthma resources included in the kit

This Kit has been developed to support school community members’ awareness and knowledge of asthma and asthma management.

Every member of the school community plays an important role in creating and maintaining an asthma friendly school.  An asthma friendly school demonstrates a school’s commitment to the safety, well-being and achievement of all students, as well as assisting them in reaching their full potential.

The Kit includes the following supports:

  • Letter on how to use the kit resources
  • Asthma in Schools: What Educators Need to Know brochure
  • Asthma and Physical Activity: What Physical Educators and Coached Need to Know brochure
  • The Basics of Asthma, Allergies, and Anaphylaxis poster
  • Call Me Brave Boy booklet
  • Asthma Active booklet

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Topic: Asthma
Product Type: Kit