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Learn to Move - Downloadable

You can now support the basic foundation for physical literacy by using the Learn to Move in your classroom.

Consisting of 19 posters, this resource assists in teaching a fundamental movement skill (run, skip, hop, jump, kick, trap with stick and feet,  dodge, balance,  underhand and overhand throw, catch, strike with racquet, volley, dribble)  or strategy (striking/fielding, territory, target, net/wall) great to display in gymnasiums, classrooms and to use as part of lesson plans and circuits.

This teaching tool consists of 19 posters for teaching movement skills and strategies. The posters provide students with a description of a mature movement pattern for the fundamental movement skill or a mature understanding of a movement strategy.

Please Note:

  • Learn to Move is available in French and English
  • Learn to Move is available as a free downloadable PDF
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Product Type: Poster