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Healthy Schools Certification Registration Information

Here is what you will need to register for Ophea's Healthy Schools Certification:

  • Healthy Schools Lead (the Healthy Schools Lead will need an Ophea account – sign up for free here)

    (*) This school staff member will be your school’s assigned lead for the Healthy Schools Certification program. This includes: managing your school’s reporting dashboard and serving as Ophea’s key contact for your school throughout the 2020/21 school year.

  • Healthy Schools Lead Position
  • School Name
  • School Board
  • Administrator Support (name and email address of supportive principal/vice principal)

    (*) Support from administrator(s) (principal/vice principal) will be a key factor in your school’s success participating in the Healthy Schools Certification program.

  • School Twitter Handle (optional)
  • School Grades
  • Number of Students

    (*) Include the total number of students attending your school this year. An estimate is fine.

  • School Language

    (*) English; French; French Immersion

  • School Location

    (*) Urban; Rural; Suburban

  • Anticipated Health Topic for this School Year

    (*) Identify what health topic you anticipate focusing on during this school year. This can change during the school year.

  • Has your school participated in Healthy Schools Certification before?

    (*) Yes; No; Unsure

  • Additional School Contact (Optional)



    Email Address

    (*)This school contact will also receive program updates from Ophea (e.g., monthly newsletters, reporting deadline reminders).

    Please note that this contact will not be able to directly access the school dashboard. This permission will only be given to the Healthy Schools Lead.