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For the last four years, along with support from over 50 partners, Ophea has called on the government of Ontario to update the 15 year old Health and Physical Education (H&PE) curriculum.  It has been our collective position that students have a right to a current, research-based curriculum that enables them to take responsibility for their own health and avoid preventable negative health outcomes.

Ophea is asking the Ontario government to release an updated H&PE curriculum (grades 1 - 12) consistent with current research and policies as soon as possible.

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Facts About Sexual Health Education Poster Sexual Health Education in Schools Across Canada
It’s Time to Take Action for Ontario’s Kids
It’s Time to Take Action for Ontario’s Kids Parent Opinion Survey

Ophea is committed to working in partnership with government, non-government, and community partners to advocate for healthy public policy related to Health and Physical Education (H&PE) in schools and healthy, active living in communities. We are also committed to playing a strong leadership role on related committees and at stakeholder events.

Ophea’s Advocacy Goal

To continue to advocate in partnership for the development and implementation of inclusive policies that enhance healthy, active living.