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Ophea’s e-Learning modules have been developed by educators and subject matter experts, are not facilitated, and can be done at your own pace. These interactive professional learning modules are 0.5-2.0 hours in length and feature a variety of facilitated instructional methods to meet the needs of diverse learners. At the conclusion of each module, learners are equipped with the knowledge and skills that will support them in their work. Certificates of completion will also be provided when modules are completed successfully (all assessment components must be answered correctly).


Ophea’s Concussion Identification, Management and Prevention for Schools 2021/22 e-Learning module

Developed to increase awareness and understanding of concussion and of the methods and strategies to be used for identification and appropriate management of concussions. The module, updated to align with the Ontario Physical Activity Safety Standards in Education 2021 Concussion Protocol, also includes strategies and resources to assist in the education of concussion prevention. This e-Learning module is intended for all school staff including educators, administrators, and support staff.

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Ophea’s Implementing Ryan’s Law and PPM 161: Ensuring Asthma Friendly Schools 2021/22 e-Learning module

This e-Learning module is intended to assist all school staff in understanding and implementing Ryan’s Law in their school to guarantee the safety and well-being of students with asthma. Throughout this module, participants will engage in a variety of learning tasks using text, video, and illustrations.

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